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IDE Software – OpenText Gupta TD Mobile

One team, one IDE software, one source—all mobile devices

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Organizations building cross-platform mobile workforce apps for mobile data acquisition can use OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile to addresses the challenges of native development. By simplifying, automating and accelerating mobile enterprise app development, Gupta TD Mobile greatly reduces the cost of mobile enterprise app development.

Low-code app development
TD Mobile creates value and reduces development effort. Low-code development approaches are available for client-side coding and backend coding, giving developers a tool that strongly accelerates their time to market for new business apps. The single source code created can run on Android, iOS and as web apps.

Integrate device features for high usability
Enhance apps with barcode scanning via the device camera. Record GPS positions to, for example, show a delivery truck position on a map. Use Operating Systems notifications to let users know about workflow statuses. Use fingerprint or face recognition for sign-on and much more. Modern mobile devices provide many exciting features that can enhance apps.

Deploy native Android, iOS and Web apps
Create native Android, iOS and web apps. Deploy apps to native app stores from Apple and Google or use Enterprise device management (EDM) to deploy business apps to users. Deploy TD Mobile apps as browser apps that can be used from any device having a web browser. Multiple deployment options increase return on investment.


Diagram showing the Gupta TD Mobile architecture

TD Mobile provides unprecedented productivity with mobile and web app development
  • Simple native mobile cross platform enterprise application development
    Eliminate the coding typically required to design the GUI, connect backend services with the UI and interact with SQL and NoSQL databases with a simple development system for native mobile HTML5/JavaScript enterprise applications across mobile devices and OSs. Less coding significantly reduces the time and cost to develop mobile enterprise applications.
  • One source code for all mobile platforms
    Build one single app, one time and run it on all mobile devices, including smartphones, phablets and tablets, that use iOS and/or Android. Cut development cost by using one team of developers instead of individual development teams for every device OS. Get native app support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more.
  • REST Services access
    Integrate the functionality of SAP®, SalesForce® and other SaaS providers with easy access to REST services. Bridge data silos by providing access to nearly any backend system.
  • Retrieve data from all sources
    Access Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, SAP, SalesForce, MongoDB or any other database or software package and integrate with mobile solutions.

    Diagram showing access to various data sources including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, SAP, SalesForce, MongoDB

  • Low–code database access
    Connect data connections to backend data sources, such as relational databases or NoSQL databases e.g., MongoDB, automatically.

    Diagram showing the ability to connect data connections to backend data sources such as relational databases or NoSQL databases

  • Bind GUI objects to data sources
    Bind app screens with backend data with groundbreaking new technology. No JavaScript or HTML programming is required.
  • Interactive GUI Design
    Draw the app layout using the powerful container controls and many data-aware controls of TD Mobile. With the TD Mobile app designer, users can design and preview app screens as they will appear on smartphones or tablets.
  • Save time and money
    Save money and time when building and deploying mobile enterprise apps.
  • Offline capable applications
    Leverage the multipage offline mode, including local data storage in areas without network reception.
  • Integrated device features, such as GPS and camera
    Access mobile device features easily. Use a device’s camera to scan barcodes, retrieve the current GPS position and use accelerometer data with a few lines of code. TD Mobile can also integrate apps on the device and use existing apps to provide features in a way familiar to the user.
  • Mobile reporting
    Design and execute stunning reports for management, invoices for online sales activities and more.
  • Mobile software development
    Dive into the underlying technology to achieve complex functionality and use HTML5 and JavaScript directly when required.
  • Source control and collaboration
    Access popular source control tools, such as SubVersion, Git and Microsoft Team Foundation Server and cloud-based or intranet-based code repositories directly from within the IDE to submit central repository changes and work with other team members to pull and merge code.
  • Secure TD Mobile apps
    Secure data with SSL encryption to ensure all data transferred between the device and the data center is fully encrypted and incorporates powerful user authentication and role authentication.
  • Cloud and App Store Publishing
    Deploy apps to the native App Store or to the cloud using the web app build type.