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OpenText Gupta Team Developer

Deliver superior business value with agile software development

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OpenText Gupta Team Developer overview

OpenText™ Gupta Team Developer (TD) is an agile software development tool that helps increase productivity to build software projects or solutions quickly and deliver solutions faster than the competition. A complete low-code software development solution, Gupta Team Developer (TD) includes everything needed for powerful desktop software development and deployment. Developers enjoy a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) with well guided development, powerful debugging and support for many target build types, including Win32/Win64 and .NET.

What is desktop software development?

With agile low-code desktop software development, developers can create applications and software solutions quickly. Rather than writing hundreds of lines of code, low-code software developers are able to write a few lines of code and set properties to complete their tasks. Low-code software development offers easy integration with other systems via standardized APIs, including JSON REST services, XML web services or database interfaces, such as a .NET data provider or ODBC.

OpenText Gupta Team Developer features

  • Gupta Team Developer (TD) application platforms

    Maximizes code reusability over various deployment platforms, including .NET, Win32 and Win64 and web services providers.

  • Low-code solution integration

    Connects applications to software solutions, such as SAP, SalesForce or OpenText, using REST or XML web services.

  • Source control

    Includes direct access to popular source code management solutions, such as SubVersion, Git and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

  • Well-designed, data-aware UX controls

    Leverages a powerful report builder for application-based reports, rich data grids, flexible chart and rich text control and more with easy data source integration.

  • Powerful database connectivity

    Configures database drivers for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and Gupta SQLBase, ODBC, OLE DB and .NET to connect databases fast and easy.

  • Code profiling for fast application performance

    Uses code profiling to detect bottlenecks and other issues in code and enables devleopers to take counteractions to increase performance.

OpenText Gupta Team Developer benefits

  • Reduce time to market of software solutions

    Quickly develop and deploy connected business software solutions and increase value.

  • Build Information Advantage solutions

    Create a single solution that integrates with all IT systems in the organization.

  • Gupta Team Developer agile software development

    Keep agile project lead time to a minimum with superior productivity and fully supported iterative and incremental software development.

  • One solution for desktop business software

    Leverage a single package for all software development needs, including a powerful IDE, team and source code management and business reporting.


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