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OpenText Gupta VISION

Deliver high performance, scalable, multi-tier business applications on desktop platforms

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OpenText™ Gupta VISION is a complete desktop app development solution for companies delivering high performance, scalable, multi-tier business applications on desktop platforms. VISION has an open architecture and supports heterogeneous systems. VISION allows connecting to virtually any database and can integrate mainframe data sources like IMS and VSAM. The VISION AppServer is highly scalable across multiple servers and fault-tolerant. OpenText Gupta VISION allows organizations to integrate all the disperse data silos often found in enterprises. VISION applications also allow the integration of popular desktop business applications like Microsoft Office for mail merging data or copying data to Excel for further financial analysis.

  • Gupta Technologies VISION is a complete solution for companies attempting to deliver high performance business applications. VISION is an environment that supports central coordination and management of the business components or services necessary to run networked, distributed applications. It supports universal client access, allowing any user running on any system to access the information they need. Gupta VISION AppServer is the foundation of the solution.
  • Universal Access With Gupta Technologies VISION AppServer, IT departments can deploy application services across a common, robust environment and make those services available to clients across and outside of the enterprise. Gupta Technologies VISION AppServer provides universal access to all clients whether through a Web browser or ActiveX application.
  • Central Control VISION AppServer provides easy, centralized administration and management of all services network-wide from a central management console. In addition, it allows for simple, deployment-time configuration settings for reconfiguration and modifications to underlying systems, applications, and network topologies.

VISION desktop application development tools deliver:

  • Powerful distributed client/server application 4GL development and deployment system.
  • Intuitive graphical development environment that allows rapid creation and easy modification of complex business applications.
  • VISION Internet Integrator for rapid development and deployment of dynamic Web applications.
  • Built-in application management lowers the cost of maintenance.
  • Business component framework reduces time to market.
  • ActiveX Component Integration
  • High performance and reliability are provided by a robust replication server that includes dynamic load balancing, automatic fault tolerance and replication of services.
  • Cross platform compatibility allows applications to be deployed on UNIX, Linux or Windows platforms.