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OpenText Output Transformation Server

Improve regulatory compliance and decrease costs

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OpenText Output Transformation Server overview

Output transformation and document accessibility enable enterprises to repurpose information locked in high-volume documents. Digital document transformation allows organizations to make information accessible for customers who need it, when they need it.

OpenText™ Output Transformation Server enables organizations to present print-ready documents online to reduce paper, print on different printers due to mergers or acquisitions, provide information to customers with disabilities, or index and load high-volume documents into an archive.

What is digital document transformation?

Organizations that issue high-volume customer communications, such as credit card bills, bank statements, insurance policies and telephone bills, need to easily and quickly print content, make it available to all customers and efficiently store it. Output transformation software transforms digital documents from one format to another and performs document and PDF remediation succesfully.

The best output management software helps organizations adhere to document accessibility standards, including compliance for disabilities, and save costs by using resources efficiently.

OpenText Output Transformation Server features

  • Content flow management and modernization

    Integrates business systems to manage content flow and business processes with a flexible and scalable processing engine using embedded transformation capabilities. Migrates legacy system content.

  • High-speed and web-ready archiving

    Uses high-speed retrieval and transformation to find content faster for on-demand presentation and document views in web and mobile devices, optimizing print stream archiving and creating a smaller storage footprint.

  • Scalable content extraction

    Extracts and enhances information from high-volume documents, such as credit card or benefits statements and invoices, for use in other applications, including analytics and ECM systems.

  • Flexible print streams transformation

    Leverages compatibility and legacy system integration to transform print streams to alternate formats. Supports formats, including AFP, PCL, Metacode/DJDE, PostScript, Line data, Image, XML and PDF.

  • Enhanced digital presentment

    Transforms print-ready content into PDF and other accessible formats, in batch and on-demand, for both static and interactive presentment on digital devices.

  • Automated output transformation

    Automatically transforms high-volume PDF documents and output to accessible formats, such as PDF/UA and large print.

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OpenText Output Transformation Server benefits

  • Enhanced customer self-service experience

    Maximize legacy content usage and repurpose regulated storage for online presentment.

  • Increased information governance

    Repurpose dormant data and high-volume documents or new applications as well as share content across business silos.

  • Better customer experience

    Make content accessible quickly to create an inclusive environment for all customers, including those with low-vision and disabilities.

  • Modernized legacy ECM systems

    Enhance the value of legacy IT infrastructure with modern contemporary applications.

  • Reduced costs

    Integrate systems for a single view of all content, decomission legacy applications and reduce costs related to single document manual transformation.

  • Increased accessibility regulatory compliance

    Quickly adapt to changing compliance, document accessibility standards and accessibility legislation.

OpenText Output Transformation Server solutions

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