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Output Transformation for Accessibility

Transform documents into accessible formats at massive scale

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What is an accessible document for online use?

Online document accessibility is integral for organizations to create an inclusive environment for employees and customers. Output transformation tools convert files, such as PDFs, to meet document accessibility standards in structured and accessible formats and properly service individuals with disabilities.

Why Output Transformation for Accessibility?

  • Create an inclusive experience

    2018 study1 found 32.2 million adults in the U.S. reported vision loss with a second study showing more than 75%2 of individuals rely exclusively on screen reader audio. Output Transformation transforms content into accessible formats, structured and formatted for assistive devices.

  • Reduce manual remediation processes

    Manual accessible document remediation is often required when individual documents are needed for one-to-many communications. Output Transformation helps auto-detect and apply tags to PDFs to shorten and simplify the process while providing highly accurate structure and information.

  • Transform high-volume content

    With 115 million individuals3 around the globe projected to be affected by blindness by 2050, organizations face an increasing need for accessible online documents, such as financial statements or billing details. Output Transformation automatically generates high-volume documents in accessible formats for online presentment, minimizing the need for manual content processing.

  • Reduce remediation costs

    Outsourcing accessible document remediation to third-parties can be costly, often with high costs per page and time requirements that make large volumes a challenge. Output Transformation offers a cost-effective option with tremendous scale to quickly service any project, large or small, and increase its efficiency as volumes grow.

Solution overview

Output Transformation for Accessibility from OpenText empowers business with robust document accessibility software that remediates documents into virtually any type of well-structured accessible document, ideal for assistive technologies. Dramatically improve engagement with persons with disabilities by creating, transforming, storing and delivering high-volume documents in accessible formats across multiple channels or embedding them within existing technologies.

Featured components

OpenText Output Transformation for Accessibility provides several solutions that ingest and generate documents into accessible formats for one-to-one, or one-to-many, consumption.

OpenText Professional Services:
Output Transformation Services

Professional Services uses their expertise to make different document types accessible, meet assistive technology and regulatory requirements and ensure the solution is correctly configured.

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