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OpenText Output Transformation

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Our approach to high-volume document and output transformation empowers your organization to repurpose and transform documents from traditional print streams such as AFP, Metacode/DJDE, Line data, PCL, Image and PDF to a variety of output formats including PDF, PDF/A, Accessible PDF (PDF/UA), AFP, PCL, Metacode/DJDE, image and more. The Output Transformation engine enables you to:

  • Transform print streams on-demand for online and mobile presentment
  • Transform print streams to support physical output management and print processing
  • Transform print streams and extract indexes in batches for loading into document archives
  • Extract and repurpose content for analytics and visual presentation
  • Re-engineer print streams and PDF documents to modify layouts, consolidate documents, change branding, etc.
  • Integrate with back-office systems, repositories and customer-facing applications
  • Manage content flow across the organization

The OpenText™ Output Transformation engine is a 100% Java solution, deployable to all Java computing platforms including Microsoft® Windows®, SUSE® Linux®, Red Hat Linux®, IBM® z/OS®, IBM® AIX® and Oracle Solaris. Additionally, the Output Transformation engine is deployable to a variety of application servers including IBM® WebSphere®, JBOSS® and Oracle Application Server™, providing support for presenting high-volume statements and customer correspondence via web and online channels.

Our industry-leading transformation technology provides:

  • User-friendly graphical interfaces for project design and business process definition
  • Superior resource handling for fast and efficient transformation
  • Unrivaled visual content mining using our innovative Field Technology
  • Dramatic storage reduction through resource versioning
  • Robust and flexible Java API for full configuration and application integration
  • Easy index file creation for loading high-volume content into archives and ECM systems
  • Multilanguage capability through double-byte character set support

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