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OpenText Output Manager

Easily manage business-critical print output from enterprise and mainframe applications to any device or destination with centralized control

OpenText™ Output Manager (formerly known as Vista Plus® Output Manager) automates the print process and provides assurance of delivery at the right time in the right format to the right device. Output Manager allows you to control and monitor delivery of content to printers and other destinations across the enterprise. It enables you to correctly format documents such as statements, invoices, pick lists, bills of lading and financial reports.

Output Manager ensures timely delivery of business documents regardless of the operating system or application that generated it and distributes jobs to any IP accessible device—printer, fax server, mail server, FTP, content repositories, etc. Output Manager also monitors destination devices to confirm availability and provide failover with automatic rerouting of the job request to an available device or cluster of printers. It tracks job requests from submission to completion, providing immediate notification of bottlenecks, which reduces the amount of time users spend waiting for a resolution.

Analyst research shows that up to 70% of an organization’s help desk calls are print-related. Output Manager reduces these costs by providing IT and print operators a centralized view and control of jobs and devices. When problems arise, Output Manager administrators are alerted so they can proactively resolve the issue before a call is made to the help desk.

Product Highlights:

  • Ensures that delivery of mission-critical information reaches the intended device or destination
  • Reduces help desk costs with centralized command and control of distributed environments
  • Tracks and manage costs with audit logs for SLAs, trending and charge-backs
  • Automates the output process by ensuring device readiness and providing job status, failover with automatic rerouting and notification
  • Allows you to burst, bundle and reformat mainframe-generated content for delivery to repositories such as OpenText Content Server, OpenText eDOCS and Microsoft® SharePoint®