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OpenText Report & Output Management Interface for Microsoft SharePoint

Make SharePoint the single point of access for all report content and other output from enterprise applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP

OpenText™ Report & Output Management Interface for Microsoft® SharePoint® captures and stores critical information from packaged applications like Oracle® E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft® and SAP®, as well as custom, mainframe or legacy applications, and makes this information available to Microsoft SharePoint.

Many organizations have come to rely on Microsoft SharePoint as a primary access point for enterprise information. Business users love the simplicity of SharePoint. IT enjoys the hands-off, self-service approach it enables the staff. CIOs and CTOs like the fact that Microsoft SharePoint fits with the organization’s overall infrastructure. These same organizations also have extensive report content and seek to utilize SharePoint to better connect report content with people and processes.

With Report & Output Management Interface for SharePoint, fixed content is captured into an electronic archive, from which it can be delivered to SharePoint users who work with report information.

Those users gain the ability to search and access reports directly from within SharePoint. Searches can optionally utilize indexes that are defined based on report content. Online viewing capabilities include annotations, search and sub-reporting, selective printing, extraction, hyperlink access to reports, drill down, page-level security and more.

Product Highlights:

  • Extends EIM to your mainframe system, ERP applications and other semi-structured content; and enhances the value of your investment in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Consolidates access to all content, including mainframe and ERP report output, through a single SharePoint portal, leveraging the Microsoft SharePoint experience
  • Uses SharePoint to offer self-service access (electronic bill and statement presentment) for customer billing, statements, invoices and other documents
  • Allows you to set access rights for entire reports, report segments or specific pages
  • Leverages the retention, accessibility and auditability of fixed content managed in a compliant repository
  • Reduces IT backlog associated with custom report generation