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OpenText Report & Output Management, Interface for SAP

Take control of the delivery of SAP business documents and reports with centralized management of the output environment, including printing, email, and electronic distribution

The effective and assured delivery of output is vital to a successful SAP® implementation. However, output management is a shortcoming of ERP systems, according to industry experts. Sadly, organizations often aren’t aware of the limitations of their ERP system—until after the system has been deployed. Something as simple as a printer out of toner or a fax machine out of paper can halt an important SAP business process, creating frustration for business users, suppliers and customers.

OpenText™ Output Management, Interface for SAP, is an output management solution that addresses this shortcoming and provides a centralized view of the print environment. It offers job tracking and failover, with proactive notification of printer state and job completion status. With Output Management, Interface for SAP, users and administrators can ensure that important SAP documents reach their final destination, including invoices, purchase orders, picklists and so on.

Output Management, Interface for SAP provides a fundamental component of the SAP business workflow: reliable delivery and management of business documents and reports. Output Management, Interface for SAP is certified to SAP’s X-OMS (eXtended Output Management System) interface, and it enhances the native output capabilities of SAP by providing a bi-directional link between the SAP Business Suite application and the target destination devices. Output Management ensures delivery of output and proactively notifies users and administrators of any errors.

OpenText Output Management, Interface for SAP, is an integrated component of the Report & Output Management suite. Together, the products comprise a complete solution that can manage both physical printing and the electronic viewing and archiving of reports and documents.


Product Highlights:

  • Ensures delivery of business-critical SAP documents for a smooth execution of business processes
  • Shows status and availability of output jobs and resources in real time
  • Proactively alerts administrators of critical job and device status
  • Notifies job owners when a print job fails or is re-routed
  • Reduces CPU usage in your SAP environment by offloading queue space and processing cycles
  • Supports ad-hoc users, background processes and reports
  • Allows job owners to re-submit ‘failed’ jobs without having to re-create the job from the application
  • SAP X-OMS certified

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