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OpenText Workflow Server, .NET Edition

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Every day people throughout your organization perform tasks, route information and make decisions as they perform their business activities. Despite the best intentions of knowledge workers, manual processes are error-prone, inefficient and difficult to track.

Can these tasks be automated using workflow? Many can be, and doing so increases efficiency across your organization while improving other areas of the business, such as accountability, compliance and customer service.

With OpenText™ Workflow Server, .NET Edition, you can build and deploy automated workflow solutions that manage routine tasks within familiar Microsoft® applications such as Office® and SharePoint®. With Workflow Server, .NET Edition, you can:

  • Capture documents and simultaneously start a document approval process
  • Route documents to users for basic approval or verification
  • Assign actions to the next person or complete the process
  • Use basic notifications including email of workflow actions and reminders
  • Manage users’ workflow queues with ease

OpenText Workflow Server, .NET Edition (formerly Captaris Workflow) is tightly integrated with Microsoft products as well as OpenText Content Server. Workflow Server, .NET Edition has all the attributes needed to enhance your capability for developing, deploying and managing automated business processes. It offers access to advanced workflow developer tools and technologies that allow developers to fully leverage the innovations of Microsoft SharePoint. Workflow development is further enhanced by Process Notes for the business analysts to direct the workflow engineer in user-friendly functionality.


  • Save time by streamlining repeatable business processes
  • Reduce costs by replacing high-cost labor with low-cost, scalable software solutions
  • Focus on higher value work and reduce time spent on low-value, manual tasks
  • Enable accountability and insight by applying analytics to business processes
  • Enforce compliance with industry requirements and regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and ISO
  • Empower nontechnical people to make process improvements themselves
  • Remove decision-making bottlenecks by assigning tasks with escalation rules
  • Create tighter connections with customers and suppliers by including them in internal workflow processes
  • Provide timely access to updated information across the organization, the moment it’s available
  • Leverage your investment in Microsoft products and widespread familiarity with Visual Studio .NET, C++ and C#

OpenText Workflow Server, .NET Edition brings new levels of productivity to any repeatable business activity, from simple workgroup tasks to enterprise-wide processes.

Organizations benefit from the enhanced task accountability provided by Workflow Server where tasks are automatically assigned and delivered to individual or group task lists. Email notifications are automatically distributed to inform users that they have work to be performed. The tasks remain in the task lists until they are completed; they cannot be lost, ignored or deleted. Tasks can also be assigned with escalation rules that re-assign the task to a manager or overflow team if it is not completed in a timely manner. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides managers with insights into ongoing activities.

Control workflow through managed access to data

Process automation provides efficiency gains not only by adding accountability and control to human and system activities, but also by managing access to data. Often individuals in one department are not able to access key information from a different department or application. Workflow Server can provide that data access. Workflow Server can be designed to accesses the information on behalf of the user and then presents it within a specific task. Access to the data is controlled and tracked within the process.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Workflow Server monitors activities and presents real-time graphical insights into the health and status of ongoing business processes and activities. BAM reporting can also be presented within Workflow Server Web Access or Microsoft SharePoint, which allows managers to monitor the status of business processes from any browser.

Workflow Server also provides alerting and event-driven notifications based on thresholds and error conditions, creating real-time business intelligence. Workflow Server plays a key role in BAM initiatives, by monitoring and escalating events, alerts and messages, and by producing the charts, tables and statistical information that document the health of a business. BAM charts or reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel for further analysis or reporting.

Rapid Process Justification© (RPJ) methodology

For more complex workflow situations, Workflow Server provides a unique Rapid Process Justification (RPJ) methodology. This detailed analysis of each aspect of the solution, the project cycle and the business impact is your assurance of ROI for larger solutions.

As your business reacts to change, your automated business processes can also change without the traditional expense and delay of custom application development. And with the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework for Web Services incorporated, you are assured that your workflow solutions will connect to legacy (or future) systems. The RPJ methodology accurately predicts how much a business will gain from automating any specific process.

Workflow Server and the Microsoft environment

Workflow Server is an ideal solution for adding business process management to Microsoft environments, offering benefits to each group of users including information workers, software designers, business managers and systems administrators. Workflow Server comes equipped with Microsoft Visual Studio integration, SharePoint product and technology integration and numerous quick-start templates.