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Document Capture Services

Digitally capture physical records to preserve customer data for years to come

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Document Capture Services overview

Document Capture Services (DCS) offer document scanning for paper and microfilm/microfiche in a safe and secure environment, providing a chain of custody from pickup to document destruction or return. Using high speed production scanners and OpenText™ Intelligent Capture, DCS digitally captures paper from small card size items to large engineering drawings, while extracting document content and appropriate metadata. Backfile conversions and day forward mailroom services are offered both on and off site. DCS supports government agencies and companies from industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Education and Insurance.

Document Capture Services benefits

  • Reduce storage costs

    Meet cost reduction pressures with paper and microfilm conversion to shrink storage footprints considerably and lower facilities costs.

  • Immediate access and searchability of documents

    Leverage electronic records with full text search of document content for self-service remote access anytime of day.

  • Preserve knowledge

    Prevent data loss in paper and microfilm from age deterioration, acidification, fire, water, mold and insect damage with document scanning.

  • Ensure records management and regulatory compliance

    Avoid potential legal and regulatory compliance issues by digitally capturing records to ensure availability, even if paper is lost, destroyed or misfiled.

Services offered

OpenText Document Capture Services offers a multi-step quality assurance plan that maximizes both image quality and metadata index integrity.

  • Backfile conversion

    Converts volumes of legacy files and paper into usable information that can be immediately accessed and leveraged in business-critical applications.

  • Electronic mailroom services

    Captures information from paper and electronic formats and classifies into “case files” according to its format, content and an organization’s unique business rules.

  • Convert microfilm and microfiche

    Transitions legacy data and documents into a hosted archival system for long-term storage, eliminating on-site storage costs and enabling records management regulations compliance.

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