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Application Managed Services

Extend your team with a managed service provider with decades of experience to rapidly address solution issues

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Managed Services overview

As Information Management becomes increasingly key to business strategies, organizations need to ensure they have the necessary skills to maximize its impact. Engaging an experienced Managed Services provider with direct access to application developers is key to achieving Information Management business objectives.

Working with organizations around the world in every industry, the OpenText™ Managed Services team offers decades of experience in Information Management. Free up IT resources to focus on business imperatives and leave the OpenText application management to the vendor that developed it.

Managed Services benefits

  • Increase productivity

    Provide an excellent user experience with enhanced system availability.

  • Enable agility

    Free-up your IT resources to focus on business innovation for the organization.

  • Enhance security

    Let the experts manage your application to reduce risk and keep your solution safe and secure.

  • Provide accountability

    Leave the responsibility to certified OpenText professionals that offer expert application managed services with one team accountability.

Managed Services focus areas

Get tailor-made application managed services wherever you run your solution, on-premises, in public or private clouds or in the OpenText Cloud.

  • Manage

    Fully leverage solutions and achieve business objectives with a managed OpenText business application solution.

  • Monitor

    Monitor solutions and observe system health with ITIL best practices to proactively prevent incidents and minimize business user impact.

  • Optimize

    Stabilize and enhance solutions through usage trend reviews, address evolving needs and improve solution adoption.

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