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OpenText Learning Services: User Adoption Services

Effective user adoption is the single largest factor impacting the return on investment of an Information Management investment

Adoption means changing people’s behavior and making collaboration and information management integral to the way they work. OpenText can help accelerate and sustain effective user adoption, resulting in engaged and efficient user communities. Its dedicated team of professionals focus on easing user adoption of Information Management (IM) software to reach high levels of user satisfaction and accelerate user roll out.

Success is measured by the extent to which people embrace and incorporate new practices and behaviors into their daily work routines, adopting and adapting the technology for their purposes.

Services include:

  • Adoption Strategy Development FasTrak - the Adoption Strategy Development FasTrak helps close the gap between technology and people. As part of this modular package, OpenText Learning Services profiles user groups, identifies learning objectives, considers behavioral aspects and develops a holistic plan for maximizing user adoption.
  • Learning Materials Licensing - the Learning Materials License for instructor-led courseware provides organizations with all the material needed to deliver one of the wide range of courses offered by OpenText Learning Services. Licensing expertly developed, ready-to-deploy OpenText courseware to train your OpenText software user community is a cost- and resource-saving option and provides a better return than developing in-house material from the ground up. Options include the Right to Copy or the Right to Modify.
  • Learning and Adoption Services:
    • All OpenText private courses can be tailored to your unique needs; applied learning in your environment, accelerated delivery, custom agenda
    • Made to order digital learning solutions to engage and enable users
    • Assessments and action plans to measure and enhance user adoption
    • Bespoke instructor-led and curriculum to meet your organization’s needs
    • User performance support and quick reference guides to help users in their moments of need during their daily work
    • Coaching and Office Hours - office hours are designed to augment your project team in software pilot and go-live implementation scenarios.  This service consists of having an experienced training consultant on-site/virtually available who can assist and instruct your employees. It can be supplementary to classroom courses and workshops and provides immediate answers to user questions and issues.  Office hours are particularly effective in aiding end users when they interact with new software. They are able to ask questions with no concerns of being in front of a group. This helps to build user confidence and expertise, as well as helping to lighten the support requirements on your IT staff during key project phases.


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60% of organizations that have deployed ECM solutions agree that gaining user adoption has been the biggest problem for ECM projects

AIIM Industry Watch Survey 2015


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