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Citrix Ready

OpenText Exceed, OpenText HostExplorer and OpenText Secure Shell are proven solutions for Citrix XenApp.

With the support of Citrix solutions dated back to Citrix WinFrame, OpenText Connectivity has a long and reliable track record of supporting Citrix application virtualization technology. Enterprises across the globe have relied on the combined solution to provide secure X window and terminal emulation access to remote and local user bases.

With the release of OpenText Connectivity version 15, OpenText continues to invest in the relationship with Citrix, by providing top notch quality-proven connectivity products with a more seamless and proven integration and the latest application virtualization technology that is offered by Citrix XenApp.

The completion of the Citrix designed verification tests reaffirms that OpenText Exceed, OpenText HostExplorer, and OpenText Secure Shell have demonstrated high quality and seamless compatibility with Citrix solutions. Together, Citrix and OpenText offer users the world-renowned high definition experience, enhanced mobility, and secure access to business applications on UNIX and legacy hosts. This is achieved through the flexible and reliable Citrix infrastructure over any computing device supported by the Citrix ICA client.

Below is the list of OpenText Connectivity 15 products that have received the Citrix Ready Logo.

X Window OpenText Exceed
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Terminal Emulation OpenText HostExplorer
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Network Security OpenText Secure Shell
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