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IPv6 Support

The IPv6 protocol provides virtually limitless address space that will never run out. The protocol is used by government, universities, and private sector companies that require consistent access to Internet for smooth and interrupted delivery of their services or products.

OpenText™ IPv6 Support

OpenText Connectivity solutions support IPv6 and integrate seamlessly with the native network layers offered by the underlying operating system.

The following OpenText Connectivity products support IPv6:

  • OpenText Exceed™ TurboX (all versions)
  • OpenText Exceed onDemand™ 7, 8
  • OpenText Exceed 14, 15
  • OpenText Exceed 3D 14, 15
  • OpenText Exceed XDK 14, 15
  • OpenText HostExplorer™ 14, 15
  • OpenText Secure Shell 14, 15
  • OpenText Exceed PowerSuite 14 and later
  • OpenText NFS Solo 14
  • OpenText NFS Client 14
  • OpenText NFS Server 14
  • OpenText NFS Server 14
  • OpenText Secure Shell 14, 15
  • OpenText Secure Terminal 14
  • OpenText Secure Server 1.0

IPv4 Address Exhaustion

An IPv4 address is a numerical representation of computers, which sit underneath the friendly names we use, like

According to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), an organization responsible for delegating Internet resources, the last five /8 blockswas allocated to each regional organization overseeing the net-address assignments (RIR) on February 3, 2011. It marked the official depletion of the global IPv4 address pool, which has the size of 3.7 billion addresses.

In turn, each RIR will slowly exhaust its allotted address pool. Yet, new devices will be constantly added to the Internet - now and into the future.

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