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Licensing and Compliance

OpenText™ is committed to best practices for ourselves and our customers, helping you through information and education to achieve software compliance for your company.

We understand that compliance is often a complicated task; however it is necessary to ensure an accurate and current report of your assets.

Software License

The OpenText End User License Agreement is provided with each product installer. You can find the latest version of our EULA and related documentation at: 

Software Licenses are an important asset in a company and such should be treated with the same attention as any other assets on record. Implementing policies and procedures that allow for recurring audits can greatly assist in keeping an accurate count of your licenses. The key is to have this information current and accurate.

Companies that have been subject to mergers and acquisitions are at risk of overlooking Software license compliance during this period. It is essential to drive IT efficiency in reporting an accurate account of licenses to prevent serious liability issues.

Tracking License Usage

All of our Version 14 and Version 15 products include an Event Monitoring Server on the product DVD. This software can be installed on a server on your network, and allows you to keep track of product installation and usage in order to maintain compliance.

In order to track installation and usage, each product includes an optional Event Monitoring Client that you must enable and configure during installation. Customers are responsible for installing and maintaining the Event Monitoring Server and providing a license snapshot in case of an audit.

Note: The Event Monitoring Server requires Microsoft IIS 7 or later running on Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, and Microsoft SQL 2005 or later.


If you are uncertain of your license counts please contact your account manager and together we can work towards determining an accurate report of your current license count. Upgrading to our most current version of products will ensure that you have the built in capabilities to conduct license audits at any time.

We can provide onsite assistance to minimize business disruption. Managing corporate assets is a critical issue and often Software Compliance can become a low priority. We would like to encourage our customers to contact us so that we can work together to achieve accurate Software Compliance.

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