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VMware Support Statement

Please read this support statement to understand OpenText™ Connectivity Solutions Group's position in supporting customers who install the software solutions on VMware platforms.

OpenText Connectivity Solutions Group, hereby referred to as Connectivity Solutions Group, will support customers who run Connectivity Solutions Group products on Supported Operating Systems, independent of hardware configurations, as specified in Connectivity Solutions Group software manuals, irrespective of whether they are running VMware in their environment or not.

VMware supports a set of Supported Operating Systems and Hardware as specified in VMware software manual, and the customer and VMware will be responsible for any interactions or issues that may arise at the Supported Operating System or Hardware layer as a result of their use of VMware.

  • Native Environment: means the Supported Operating System is running on and directly interacting with the physical hardware.
  • Virtual Environment: means the Supported Operating System is running on and interacting with the hardware abstraction layer provided by VMware.

While the Connectivity Solutions Group does not explicitly support VMware since it operates as a hardware abstraction layer, our technical support group will endeavor to work with the customer to trouble shoot and determine the root cause of the technical issue first.

The Connectivity Solutions Group reserves the right to request our customers to diagnose certain issues on a Supported Operating System in a native environment. The Connectivity Solutions Group will only make this request when there is reason to believe that the virtual environment is a contributing factor to the issue. If the issue cannot be reproduced in the native environment, the Connectivity Solutions Group may conclude that the issue is VMware-specific, and unrelated to our software, then the customer shall refer their issue to VMware.

VMware-specific problems will be resolved between the customer and VMware. Any details gathered during the technical support incident with Connectivity Solutions Group will be provided upon request by the customer.

While the Connectivity Solutions Group products are expected to function properly in virtual environments, there may be performance implications, which can invalidate the Connectivity Solutions Group's typical sizing and recommendations. Analysis must be performed within the context of the specific application to be hosted in a virtual environment to minimize potential resource.