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Windows 11 Support

OpenText™ Connectivity products are fully supported on Windows 11.

OpenText has a long history of working with Microsoft to offer high performance X Window remote access, terminal emulation, NFS file access, and security software to customers running in a mixed Windows and UNIX/Linux environment.

The OpenText Connectivity products enable companies to achieve significant cost reductions and productivity improvements, while deploying the latest Microsoft Windows platforms to their users.

The following products are Certified Compatible with Windows 11 (Fall Creator’s Update):

  • OpenText Exceed™ 15.0.8
  • OpenText HostExplorer™ 15.0.8
  • OpenText Secure Shell 15.0.8

The following products have been tested on Windows 11, and are fully supported with an OpenText support and maintenance subscription:

X Window Remote Access OpenText Exceed™ TurboX 12.0+
OpenText Exceed 3D 15.0+
OpenText Exceed XDK 15.0+
Network File System OpenText NFS Solo 14.0 SP16+
OpenText NFS Server 14.0 SP16+
Security OpenText SOCKS Client 14 SP21+ (WFP not supported)

Note: After installing the Windows 11 Fall Creators Update, Exceed, HostExplorer and Secure Shell may no longer function as designed. For example, Exceed may fail to connect, and product icons will be deleted from the user’s desktop. To resolve these issues, you must perform a repair installation.

Windows 11 Features

Virtual desktop support: Exceed 15 SP4 and Exceed TurboX 12 provide support for Windows 11 virtual desktops, which means that users can move session windows (including the X desktop background) between virtual desktops seamlessly.

Font security: Exceed 15 SP4 now supports the “Block Untrusted Fonts” group policy, which is a security feature introduced in Windows 11 / Server 2016.