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Information Governance

Information Governance can facilitate the effective and efficient use of information in any organization, helping them to achieve their goals

What is Information Governance?

Information Governance is the ability to control the acquisition, management, retention and disposal of all enterprise information – both structured and unstructured – within your business to help reduce risk, ensure compliance and increase business productivity and efficiency.

It probably easier to think of Information Governance as knowing what information you have, where it is and what you need to do with it.

Information Governance - The Basics is an educational web site that provides you with useful information to help you to understand more about Information Governance and how to develop a strategy that identifies where Information Governance matters most to your business.

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Is Information Governance important?

The volume of data within organizations is growing exponentially. Large amounts of enterprise content can not only lead to expensive challenges for storage and management, but can also make important information hard to find.

Organizations without an effective information governance strategy are more susceptible to litigation and legal risk, inefficient production, and regulation and compliance failures.

Organizations who do deploy strong, seamless Information Governance programs, derive better business value from their information without sacrificing security or compliance. So instead of being inundated by volumes of data, organizations are better able to access, understand and categorize their information to help ensure that critical information is utilized in key business processes, transparently managed and available to support leaders in making smarter business decisions.

Information Governance is easier than you think

Implementing an information governance program helps organizations effectively use and manage their enterprise assets to derive maximum value from the information they own, while minimizing information-related risks.

Many organizations don't believe they're ready for the undertaking of an information governance program but it's not as difficult as they might think. A successful information governance program works across devices and is transparent for users. The key is bringing the governance technology to the user's environment of choice and making it easy.

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"Justifying Investments in Information Governance."

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InfoGov Basics

Visit Information Governance Basics for useful information on how to implement your Information Governance strategy.

Information Governance and EIM

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions will help you to manage your Information Governance needs.

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Discovery Solutions for Information Governance

Discovery Solutions from OpenText provide information discovery, semantic classification and organization of both internal and external information sources to enhance operations and reduce risk