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Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Create brand loyalty by delivering intelligent and connected omnichannel experiences with OpenText Customer Experience Management software solutions.

OpenText Customer Experience Management Solutions

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What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer experience management (CEM) is a set of processes used to track customer interactions throughout the customer journey. The purpose of CEM is to gain insight into these customer interactions and optimize them to drive loyalty and improve customer lifetime value.

The best customer experience management software solutions contribute to improving digital operations and use innovative technology, like Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and automation, to deliver intelligent and connected experiences across the enterprise.

See an example of how the Experience Suite delivers a continuous connected customer experience.

OpenText Experience platform suite offers a set of CEM solutions and extensions that focus on delivering highly personalized content and customer engagement along a continuous customer journey. The suite also helps provide a solid foundation for implementing a successful customer experience strategy.

OpenText Experience 16 is available on-premises and in the cloud to enable better creation, management and publication of secure, personalized and authenticated digital experiences to ensure that each user gets the best experience at every point of interaction – whether physical or digital on any device – and in every phase of the lifecycle. OpenText Experience maximizes the Customer Lifetime Value and delivers a better way to work; addressing better engagement, insight and innovation across customers, partners, and employees.

Featured Products

OpenText TeamSite

As the Experience Suite Application for WCM, OpenText TeamSite addresses the entire customer lifecycle and helps you create exceptional digital experiences in four ways:

  • TeamSite allows you to optimize and personalize content across all channels pre, during, and post-sale
  • TeamSite is open flexible and connected to maximize the value of all your existing marketing investments
  • TeamSite provides a modern marketer and line-of-business focused user experience
  • TeamSite delivers leading cost efficiency balanced with the agility your enterprise needs
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OpenText Qfiniti

Enterprise contact centers around the globe rely on OpenText Qfiniti for fulltime call recording, robust workforce optimization (WFO) and advanced cross-channel analytics. The fully integrated Qfiniti products optimize performance management, liability recording and archiving, workforce management, desktop analytics, and Voice of the Customer (VoC) insight.

  • Centralized management of enterprise-wide quality performance
  • Greater efficiency through a fast and precise evaluation process
  • Flexible evaluation planning, measurement, and analysis across all customer interaction channels (email, phone, web, chat)
  • Proven ROI benefits, such as higher agent productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction
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OpenText Exstream

Allows business users to optimize customer engagement through the design and delivery of ultra-personalized, consistent, compliant, communications–delivered anytime, anywhere. With on-premises and Cloud deployment options, Exstream is scalable to fit the needs of any department or complex enterprise environment. Exstream allows you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Get to market faster
  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement
  • Ensure compliance
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Business Needs

The OpenText Experience Suite combines content and process to deliver optimized, continuous and connected customer experiences that help increase engagement, drive revenue and maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

CEM Infinityloop OpenText

The CEM market is of strategic importance to organizations today. According to a 2015 article from McKinsey & Company, developing a customer experience strategy is one of the top 3 initiatives for 90% of CEOs.1 And as stated by analyst Brian Solis in "The 2016 State of Digital Transformation,” of 500 participating digital strategists who were responsible for digital transformation, 55% cite “evolving customer behaviors and preferences” as the primary catalyst for change.2

The OpenText Experience Suite and Experience Extensions are uniquely suited to help organizations maximize customer lifetime value from marketing to customer service. In our Digital Age, organizations are seeking ways to reinvent how they market, strengthen their brand, manage their assets, and provide compelling customer experiences that reach the right customer, with the right content, at the right time. CEM is the foundation for Continuous Customer Engagement with distinct capabilities related to marketing optimization, streamlined purchasing, customer contact interaction and voice of the customer solutions. OpenText delivers the products and solutions that drive business outcomes for Customer Experiences that are:

      • Engaging:  Design experiences that delight customers, nurture closer relationships, and engage them at every step of the decision journey to drive brand loyalty, revenue, and customer lifetime value.
      • Continuous:  Successfully scale and connect many customer journeys and data from marketing to customer service to deepen the organizational understanding of customers and improve the customer’s experience across departments and channels. Continuously adapt to customer needs and make real-time adjustments that achieve massive improvements in cost, brand health, actionable insights, and customer satisfaction.
      • Optimized:  Go beyond optimizing a single interaction to automatically personalize at scale and make recommendations to customers for better customer engagement and increased returns on marketing investment. Optimize all complex operational content and process issues that lead to greater synergy and customer engagement.  

1 Joao Dias, Oana Ionutiu, Xavier Lhuer, and Jasper van Ouwerkerk. “The Four Pillars of Distinctive Customer Journeys”, mckinsey.com, September 2016. http://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/digital-mckinsey/our-insights/the-four-pillars-of-distinctive-customer-journeys

2 Brian Solis. “The 2016 State of Digital Transformation”, prophet.com, 2016. http://www2.prophet.com/The-2016-State-of-Digital-Transformation


Experience Suite Platform

Digital Asset Management

The proven, tested enterprise Digital Asset Management (e-DAM) solution that accelerates the workflow-driven creation, collaboration, production and distribution of digital media.

  • Customizable, Browser-based Portal
  • Any number of “consumer users” to read, search, view, browse and download
  • Embedded File Acceleration to transfer large files faster
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Customer Communications Management

Enhance customer relationships and value by enabling automated and interactive communications of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations.

  • Personalize touchpoints for 1-on-1 contact in mass produced documents
  • Simplify and automate document handling
  • Improve communication adoption rates
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Web Content Management

Create and deliver dynamic, targeted interactions across multiple geographic touch points with this comprehensive solution built for high-performance, enterprise-scalable, and transaction-oriented Web applications.

  • Leverage responsive design to display content consistently across mobile devices
  • Increase revenue by satisfying customers with compelling experiences and meaningful conversations
  • Take advantage of every customer touch point with device neutral, content-centric experiences.
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Marketing Optimization

Design digital experiences that delight customers, nurture closer relationships, and engage them at every step of the decision journey to drive brand loyalty, revenue, and customer lifetime value.

  • Optimize and personalize one-on-one interactions with your web and mobile site visitors to maximize online revenue, sales, conversion rates, and other business KPIs
  • Prove marketing ROI for digital commerce, assets, campaigns, and customer experiences
  • Structure a conversion rate optimization program with the right tools, planning, and strategic guidance
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Contact Center Workforce Optimization (WFO)

OpenText workforce optimization (WFO) solutions drive continuous contact center and back office workforce performance and customer service improvements. The fully integrated OpenText™ Qfiniti product suite offers fulltime call recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, process automation, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, and post-interaction surveys.

  • Maintain consistent quality measurement and provide fast, effective coaching with automated reporting
  • Manage regulatory demands with intelligent masking and muting with metadata attach
  • Drive continuous process optimization with real-time agent guidance and desktop automation
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Experience Analytics

Leverage real-time analytics in visual dashboards and reports inline with your digital media asset, web and communication authoring workspaces.

  • Marketing can optimize content publishing to meet audience preferences
  • Business users gain insight into the digital customer journey for data-rich communications and web content
  • Digital strategists can understand trends in big data and engage predictive modeling to make forward-looking decisions 
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Intelligent Forms Automation

Enhance customer experience and digitize your forms-based information collection, validation and processing with Intelligent Forms Automation. Intelligent Forms Automation is an enterprise solution that enables organizations to:

  • Handle persisting paper forms as part of the digital transformation journey
  • Design rich, responsive e-forms via WSIWYG interfaces to move information collection online
  • Reduce data entry costs and drive information accuracy
  • Enhance customer experience and drive downstream digital communication
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Resource Center

OpenText Experience Suite in Action

See how OpenText Experience Suite fuels omni-channel commerce, no matter what product you’re selling.

Experience Suite Resources

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