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OpenText Extended ECM Platform

Fuel Digital Business Processes with OpenText Extended ECM Platform

Organizations have to stay competitive to survive. In today's rapidly evolving digital world, this means rapidly adapting to market changes and always looking for new ways to improve both the top and bottom line. Organizations endeavor to transform themselves into digital businesses by providing exceptional customer experiences; however, with brittle, dated and inefficient internal systems and processes, they struggle to make the transformation. Silos of data, complex linear processes and disparate application landscapes are all barriers to transformation.

OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform helps build a foundation for an organization's digital transformation. It improves process productivity by integrating Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with lead applications to bridge silos and enhance information flows.

Improve efficiency by connecting Content Suite with lead applications like SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, and more.

Extended ECM Platform connects the processes that generate enterprise information, allowing consistent metadata values to be transparently applied behind the scenes and relevant content to be delivered quickly and efficiently wherever it's needed.

Users work in the business application they need, while simultaneously gaining access to all of the information they need to get their job done. Whether that information is stored on-premises or in a cloud application, the business gains a single source of the truth to help ensure compliance and control across all systems.

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Executive Brief

 Download the Executive Brief to understand how OpenText Extended ECM platform extends ECM into lead business applications where the business processing takes place.

Benefits of Extended ECM

Discover the Benefits of Extended ECM
Discover the Benefits of Extended ECM
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