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Governance Assessment

Companies today face the difficult challenge of maintaining performance while operating in an increasingly risky and regulated environment. To ensure success, organizations must manage their business processes and information systems. The key to maintaining profitability and compliance depends on how well you maintain control. OpenText's Governance Assessment Package gives organizations the critical insight they need to delineate a clear policy and good practice for internal controls and governance initiatives.

Successful deployment of OpenText ECM depends not only on a sound technical architecture, but also the establishment of policies and procedures that surround the application and promote a disciplined approach to manage knowledge, personnel, application software, and the system infrastructure. This collection of policies and procedures is known as the OpenText ECM Governance Assessment Package.

The Governance Model

We provide governance solutions in a wide range of subject areas or domains. These domains can be categorized as follows:

  • Program Domain: Within this area, topics include Program Management Office (PMO), Project Management and Change Management. Different aspects of project implementation are described and presented in a format that gives you the basis for establishing management guidelines for your implementation.
  • Adoption Domain: User adoption is critical to the success of your implementation. We help you to establish and communicate the value proposition of your system to its community of users.
  • System Domain: We work with you to develop the plans, policies, procedures and standards you need to support your governance initiative. This involves a comprehensive list of governance requirements for the effective management of your OpenText ECM system.
  • Operations Domain: We help you define the procedures that drive the day-to-day operation and maintenance of your system, from application support, to issue tracking and help desk policies.
  • Discipline Domain: The inter-relation between compliance management and content has become a focal point for most organizations today, as the pressure to comply to regulations like ISO 9000, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, and Sarbanes Oxley become critical requirements and touch many aspects of business.

As part of this package, OpenText consultants will work with you to identify critical success factors, and key goal and performance indicators in each of the above domains. This involves an in depth review of each domain, typical problems encountered and solutions to these problems.

From pilot to enterprise, the Governance Assessment Service Package gives you a proven foundation on which to build your own governance model and ensures that you will gain high degrees of system acceptance by managing the people, processes and information system(s) within your organization.